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Our Massage Therapy Services

Revival Massage & Bodyworks - Providence, Rhode Island
Revival Massage & Bodyworks - Providence, Rhode Island

We offer a wide range of massage therapy services at the studio. Browse our menu to find the perfect fit for your needs, and be sure to check out our Massage Enhancements at the bottom of the page.

Therapeutic Massage

Mother-to-Be Massage

This comforting prenatal massage relieves muscle aches and tension associated with pregnancy. Client must be in good health and past the first trimester. In order to maximize comfort, client can choose to either lie on their side using pillows for support or use our prenatal cushion, designed to allow you to lie on your stomach.

60 minutes ~ $100    Book Now >

90 minutes ~ $125     Book Now >

(Note: Please inform us if you'd like to begin with the prenatal cushion when booking this massage.)

Therapeutic Massage

Using light to moderate pressure, each session is customized to your individual needs, whether you’re looking to relax or decrease pain. Sessions can include work on the entire body, or can focus on target areas.

30 minutes ~ $55*    Book Now >

60 minutes ~ $85     Book Now >

90 minutes ~ $110    Book Now >

(*30-minute sessions typically focus on 1-2 target areas and are not full-body sessions.)

Specialty Massage

Cupping Massage

This popular therapeutic technique uses silicone cups that suction to skin and lift muscle tissue to create a reverse effect of standard massage work. By creating stretch and increasing blood flow, pain and tension are reduced in a fraction of the time and with less discomfort than with other techniques. Cups are left to work on tight areas or may be used in a therapist’s hands while gliding across muscle tissue. While this can be a full-body massage, cups will not be used throughout the entire session, but will instead focus on trouble areas.

60 minutes ~ $100    Book Now >

90 minutes ~ $125     Book Now >

(Please note: Marks may appear on the skin and can take time to fade away. Cupping is only recommended for healthy adults and cannot be performed on those who are pregnant or have medical conditions.)

Deep Tissue Massage

Incoporates deeper pressure on prioritized areas of the body with the use of the forearm or elbow to alleviate and reduce pain and stiffness.

60 minutes ~ $100    Book Now >

90 minutes ~ $125     Book Now >

Sports Massage

Incorporates a combination of deep tissue and stretching techniques. Sports massage is faster paced, customized to your specific needs and will not always be a full-body session.

60 minutes ~ $105    Book Now >

90 minutes ~ $130    Book Now >

Premium Massage


A luxurious 2-hour service specifically designed to truly relax and restore your body. Customized with your choice of aromatherapy, a 90-minute, full-body therapeutic massage uses hot stones to melt away tension in your back, neck and shoulders. In addition, a 30-minute Express Facial will leave your skin completely rejuvenated.

$195    Book Now >


An invigorating massage combined with your choice of aromatherapy and a foot treatment.

90 minutes ~ $130    Book Now >

Couple's Massage

Prices are per couple, not per person.

Hot Cocoa Couple's Massage

Spoil yourself and a friend or loved one! Heated massage tables covered with rose petals invite you to take part in this award-winning, indulgent experience. A full-body, hot stone massage melts away tension while cocoa aromatherapy delights the senses.

60 minutes ~ $250    Book Now >   

90 minutes ~ $300    Book Now >     

Romance Couple's Massage

An indulgent couples massage that includes aromatherapy, hot towels and rose petals.

90 minutes ~ $250    Book Now >   

Revive Couple's Massage

An invigorating massage combined with your choice of aromatherapy and a foot treatment.

90 minutes ~ $260    Book Now >   

Therapeutic Couple's Massage

A wonderful experience to share side-by-side with a loved one or a friend; this therapeutic massage will help to soothe tense muscles and put the mind in a state of luxurious relaxation.

60 minutes ~ $170    Book Now >   

90 minutes ~ $220    Book Now > 

Massage Enhancements

Please note, these services are meant to enhance your massage therapy session. They DO NOT add time to your session.


Select your favorite scent of essential oil and we will blend it into your massage along with a hot towel compression. Essential oils have multiple benefits such as promoting relaxation, increasing energy, decreasing pain and many more.


Hand/Foot Revival

A refreshing treat for hands and/or feet in need. Combines a gentle exfoliation, hot towels, and an invigorating massage.

Hand Revival ~ $10

Foot Revival ~ $10

Hand and Foot Revival ~ $20

Full-Body Hot Stone

The perfect option for those who prefer the benefit of hot stones on the entire body.


Hot Stone Enhancement

Incorporates heated stones on targeted areas of the body to assist in the relief of tired, tight muscles in problem areas.


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