Therapeutic Massage


Using light to moderate pressure, each session is customized to your individual needs, whether you’re looking to relax or decrease pain. Sessions can include work on the entire body, or can focus on target areas.


30 minutes ~ $45*

60 minutes ~ $70

90 minutes ~ $95

* 30-minute sessions typically focus on 1-2 target areas and are not full-body sessions.


Deep Tissue Massage


Incoporates deeper pressure on prioritized areas of the body with the use of the forearm or elbow to alleviate and reduce pain and stiffness.


60 minutes ~ $85

90 minutes ~ $110


Mother-to-Be Massage


This comforting massage increases circulation and relieves muscle aches and tension associated with pregnancy. Client must be in good health and past the first trimester. In order to maximize comfort, client can choose to either lie on their side using pillows for support or use our prenatal cushion, designed to allow you to lie on your stomach.

60 minutes ~ $85

90 minutes ~ $110

Note: Please inform us if you'd like to begin with the prenatal cushion when booking this massage.


Couples Massage


A wonderful experience to share side-by-side with a loved one or a friend; this therapeutic massage will help to soothe tense muscles and put the mind in a state of luxurious relaxation.


60 minutes ~ $140

90 minutes ~ $190

(prices are per couple)

Note: To view our Premium Couples Massage services, please click here.


Sports Massage


For athletes of all kinds, from weekend warriors to professionals, to prepare for or recover from an event as well as provide optimal performance during training. Incorporates a combination of deep tissue and stretching
techniques. Sports massage is faster paced, customized to your specific needs and will not always be a full-body session.


60 minutes ~ $95

90 minutes ~ $120