Please note, these services are meant to enhance your massage

therapy session. They DO NOT add time to your session.

Hot Stone Enhancement ~ $10


Incorporates heated stones on targeted areas of the body to assist in the relief of tired, tight muscles in problem areas.

Full Body Hot Stone ~ $25


The perfect option for those who prefer the benefit of hot stones on the entire body.

Aromatherapy ~ $10


Select your favorite scent of essential oil and we will blend it into your massage along with a hot towel compression. Essential oils have multiple benefits such as promoting relaxation, increasing energy, decreasing pain and many more.

Facial Massage ~ $15


Stimulates circulation and assists in ridding the skin of impurities using hydrating moisturizer, hot towels and a refreshing, cooling mist.


Aroma Scalp Massage ~ $15


Relieves stress and strain while increasing circulation. Pressure points will also be activated, leaving you feeling completely revitalized!

Note: Hair will be oily following treatment.


Hand/Foot Revival ~ $10/$15


A refreshing treat for hands and/or feet in need. Combines a gentle exfoliation, hot towels, and an invigorating massage.


Hand Revival ~ $10

Foot Revival ~ $10

Hand and Foot Revival ~ $15